Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lovely Lucy

One of my favourite bloggers; the lovely Lucy at The Design Files,
has blogged about MAIIKEstore!  AWESOME!!

warm words nice night

It was fitting that a on such a cold night as last Friday, Maiike opened it’s nice warm doors to celebrate the opening of the labels first retail shop.
A joint venture between Aly Peel and Feride Peel, the store itself is warm, inviting and beautiful to cosy up in.  Cleverly put together from an empty shell (in a whirlwind matter of months) and carrying on the unique theme of the brand. From floorboards that were pulled from a tired old house, to recycled furniture and mismatched ornaments. It’s the type of place where everything has tactile appeal- the toys lined up like soldiers in the window, to the funky little rompers and even adult sized wears- and an abundance of small children adorning the floor space (not a permanent fixture).
Nice words by: Meg Hutchens who interviewed me on the opening night of our shop.
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Monday, 16 August 2010


...has opened it's door, which is located at 54 Church St, Hawthorn...but don't get confused with Church St, Richmond because they are unrelated.