Monday, 30 March 2009

Talia at the Show

Our little stall at the Stitches and Craft Show a couple of weeks ago. Talia did all the hard work while I snuck away and got married in the rain.


zofia said...

Congrats Aly!
Hope you did well at the show too.

Turning Japanese said...

I loved your stall!!!! I am waiting for my sister to have my first niece/nephew. THEN I want to get a pinky/red ball or a blue/green ball. Can I buy one somewhere? I am a Melbourne girl!

MAIIKE said...

I'm a melbourne girl too so you can buy a Maiike Ball right here in Melbourne! Check my website for shops or just send me an email and I post one right out to you!

jaya said...

hello! i fell in love with a pink teddy at the stitches and craft fair and should have snapped him up! he is probably long gone, but if not could I buy him somehow?

MAIIKE said...

Hi Jaya,
If I knew which one you fell in love with then there's a good chance we could get it to you! A lovely pink patchwork teddy went off to Craft Victoria's store called Counter on Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
If you email me directly I may be able to help.