Friday, 8 May 2009


Finally a way to use teeny-weeny pieces of wool. It's SO hard to throw them away but they pile up and up. You might not believe it but I have about 5 x 140lt tubs full of scraps! That's 700 litres of wool scraps....then there's the 30 x 55lt tubs of big bits. 1650 litres of jumpers! I have to stop calculating, it's far too worrying.
Anyway, little grey and aqua Sleepy-Mo, made from the above piece, is second from the left. He has nice little eyes made from wool felt by Winterwood. It's the first time I've used real wool felt and I love it. It just can't be compared to the poly-nylon-blah-blah-blah from Spotlight!

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Busyman said...

Second from the left? The suspense is almost unbearable.