Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Few Days In Sydney

I'm just back from 6 days in Sydney and the first Magnolia Square event at Randwick. As I've said many a time, I'm a slow blogger....hence the post-event information!
I was nicely positioned in front of the entrance (lucky me) and right next to Belinda from Baobab. Belinda was a great neighbour, who brought in hoards of loyal repeat customers. I picked up a really cool summer weight hoody for Khiem! Then I had to find something for Thuy...luckily the Real Chai lady was nearby!
The media breakfast on Friday morning was fun; not least because I was awarded the LMNOP 'favourite' or was it 'loves' award? It was VERY exciting to finally win an award. Jenny and Ian from LMNOP were lovely. A trip to Sydney means you get to put faces to names, since that's where EVERYONE seems to be! I was thinking about that as our plane decended down into the clouds to Melbourne airport on Sunday afternoon and I started to shiver!

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Busyman said...

Very good stuff young Maiike. We are impressed here at Busyman.